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We produce and supply qualitative and versatile cosmetic packaging, with the possibility of customisation thanks to the various technologies in the sector. We pride ourselves on supplying articles of italian origin, from small artisans and small businesses in our territory, to ensure our customers a high level of quality and above all rapid availability. Thanks to our experience and collaboration with professionals in the sector, we are also able to respond to the most demanding requests by researching new shapes or materials.

Our wide range of cosmetic packaging consists of bottles, jars and their accessories, all of which are available in different materials, shapes, sizes and uses to best preserve your product.

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cosmetic bottles & jars

We can offer a wide range of cosmetic packaging in glass and different types of plastic, with capacities ranging from 10 to 1000ml. The multiplicity of combinations of packaging and closures allows you to realize complete and customized lines.

perfume bottles

We offer a wide variety of glass bottles, closures and dispensing accessories to bring out the best of your product essences.

nail varnish bottles & accessories

The capacity of our nail varnish containers are from 4ml to 30ml. They are available in clear glass and can be ordered in low quantities. The combination of cap and brush can be customized: wooden or plastic, brushes of different sizes and shapes.

aluminum bottles & jars

Aluminum is a malleable, durable and unalterable material: a valid alternative to plastic for an elegant and graceful result. The jar’s capacities are ranging from 15 to 200ml, with closures and various types of seals. The bottles, on the other hand, range from 50 to 250ml and possess compatible accessories such as spray pumps or dispensers, as well as screw caps, in wood and plastic.


In addition to the various closures for jars or bottles such as spray pumps, dispensers, droppers, capsules, etc., we also offer solutions to ensure proper dispensing (reducers, cream spatulas) and tamper-proofing of the product inside the packaging (saucers, undercaps, hot seals, safeguards…). Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in your search for the perfect accessory.

We also are able to propose a range of processes including varnishing, satin-finishing, screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping for bottles, cutting of draughts, laser engraving and hot stamping for accessories. See our Services page for more information.